Hello there!

My name is Neha Balse, and I'm a UX designer with experience designing enterprise web applications (and cakes too!)
I’m currently at Komprise, designing products and features for the evolving world of data storage. My recent work has centered around scalability and organizing data to optimize for better insights and analysis. Being in a fast-paced startup for the last 2 years has taught me how to prioritize user needs while balancing engineering limitations and evolving product requirements.
I got my start in design almost a decade ago making custom cakes, and found that UX hits a familiar sweet spot between building a user-centered product and creating art.
Outside of work, you can find me in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dabbling in watercolor, or planning my next trip (18 countries and counting!). I’m always keeping an eye out for creative inspiration that I can play around with and give my own spin.