eWhiteboard Gamification Platform

In-depth user research for a product redesign
May - July 2019
Market research, Competitive analysis, User interviews, Empathy mapping, User personas
The eWhiteboard Company, LLC
The request
I was contacted to run an extensive user research project to explore whether integrating a gamification model into an existing platform would benefit the product and its users.

The platform, eWhiteboard, is a web app that tracks production numbers for the debt collection industry and provides insights for agents and managers to improve performance.
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The overall objective for the research project was to provide a report with product recommendations that would lay the groundwork for integrating the gamification feature. I worked with the company President to narrow down 3 goals for the project:
Once I conducted primary and secondary research, I was able to gather multiple insights and recommendations. The biggest takeaway from my research was that the gamification model would most likely succeed if:
The outcome
After concluding the project, I was asked to join in the next phase of development as a product designer. Unfortunately, I was in the process of wrapping up my freelance work to join my current role and had to decline.

Through a recent conversation with the company, I learned that they eventually used my report to move forward with the gamification idea and released a new product that focused solely on it.
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