My introduction to design was through dessert - I wanted to see if I could create art with edible mediums and bring others' visions to life. Nowadays, working on cakes always reminds me of my passion for creating things that can be enjoyed and shared. Here are some of the ones I've worked on recently:
The Request
To incorporate sour candy on top of a marbled birthday cake, while maintaining a modern design

The approach
  1. To keep with the monochromatic color scheme, I singled out blue candies, cut them into geometric shapes, and added fresh berries for textural variety.
  2. I tossed the toppings in luster dust to mimic the citric acid coating of the candy and placed everything on top of a bright teal drip to balance the darker shades.
  3. To tie all the elements of the cake together, I added hexagonal toppers with a marble pattern and finished off the cake with gold accents.
The Idea
After reading an article that critiqued the millennial design aesthetic (The Tyranny of Terrazzo), I was inspired to create a cake that would capture its key characteristics.

The approach
  1. The textural and visual elements that stuck out to me the most from the piece were the soft geometric shapes, muted pinks, warm pastels, terrazzo prints, and brass accents.
  2. Taking further inspiration from popular household decor items, such as trays, tables, and ceramic vases, I created a design that highlighted a warm-toned terrazzo print with a pink color block and brass piping.
  3. I went with a more minimal approach here, but would like to recreate this cake again with some 3D pieces (like sugar fiddle leaf fig plants), to add in more elements from the original article.
The Request
To create a handpainted birthday cake that captured the distinct tone and visual characteristics of the video game, Bloodborne

The approach
  1. Since I had never played the game myself, I researched pictures to find the most prominent and well-known visuals from it. I watched some videos of the game play to understand it's overall tone and what players found the most interesting.
  2. I made a small mood board of the visual elements I wanted to feature and sketched out how to arrange them so they would look cohesive. Since the Gothic-Victorian cityscape was important to the tone of the game, I created that as the background, and put the main character and blood moon to the forefront.
  3. I painted each element on a separate piece of fondant so that when layered, it would create a subtle 3D effect. While the colors in the game were darker and unsaturated, I went with some brighter colors to avoid the risk of the images blending together. I finished the cake with a message in white lettering on black to mimic the game's logo.